The Democratic Republic of Congo, commonly known as Congo Kinshasa, is a beautiful and blessed country; it is indeed the heartbeat of Africa. Despite its troubles, Congo Kinshasa is slowly rising like a phoenix, from the ashes. Let’s be people who love Congo and have the interest of the Congolese people at heart. Let’s be people willing to make a difference in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Congokin is a platform created to encourage us to join in the sharing of positive views; ideas and knowledge that will help bring back pride in Congo and within the Congolese communities everywhere. Congokin is first and foremost a social forum for every Congolese from DR Congo living in the United Kingdom.
Our platform welcomes views, encouragements, wise words, information, advice from and for people native of DR Congo, children of Congolese descent and friends of Congo. We truly value and welcome helpful contribution from our friends and families, from the old and young living here in the UK, from those living back in DRC and all over the world. The coming together for one positive cause with mutual respect for each other will help in promoting cultural awareness amongst the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Congo living in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the Diaspora….




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