The Begining

The Kingdom of Great Britain came into being on 1 May 1707, as a result of the political union of the Kingdom of England (which included Wales) and th... Read more

Warfare And Finance

From 1700 to 1850, Britain was involved in 137 wars or rebellions. It maintained a relatively large and expensive Royal Navy, along with a small stand... Read more

British Empire

The Seven Years’ War, which began in 1756, was the first war waged on a global scale, fought in Europe, India, North America, the Caribbean, the... Read more


Prime Ministers of the period included: William Pitt the Younger, Lord Grenville, Duke of Portland, Spencer Perceval, Lord Liverpool, George Canning,... Read more

Foreign policy

Free trade imperialism The Great London Exhibition of 1851 clearly demonstrated Britain’s dominance in engineering and industry; that lasted unt... Read more

Empire expands

In 1867, Britain united most of its North American colonies as the Dominion of Canada, giving it self-government and responsibility for its internal a... Read more

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